Totally unrelated to vampirism, but so is a majority of my life. I’m sorry, but the world doesn’t revolve around them, much as they wish it would be so…


Some of you might know that I’m musically inclined. A good number of my friends are musicians (and they even make a living at it, they’re that good). Now, I’m not claiming to be some virtuoso, but I do have a bit of a knack for matching sounds together and making a nice tune out of them. I’ve been writing music since I was a teen (it was required for my music theory and appreciation class, and well, I just never stopped), and I’ve a few completed songs on my computers, in addition to some half finished songs. I was cajoled the other day to play some of my songs for an audience. Now, it was online in a room, so the audience wasn’t easy to peg down. I queued up one of my songs, and as the first strains came out of my speakers, I instantly ran off to be sick from nerves. The person who needled me into playing my stuff kept an eye on my song’s stats for me…

I had several people love the song, and up vote it, and a few of them snagged the song into their queue to play at a later date. Then, to make matters worse, they wanted more. I about fainted straight away. I know I’m decent, but it’s against my nature to think I’m really awesome at something, especially when so many of my friends are so talented at the same thing. So, I queued up a second song, thinking “Okay, they won’t like it as well as the first because it’s a completely different style, and unlike the first, there’s no 8bit undertones to it.”

Yeah. I was wrong. If anything, they liked that song even better than the first. I was (and still am) flabbergasted at their reaction. They clamored for more, where they could down load the songs, how they could pay me…

So, I’m currently working on setting up an account at , a highly respected site for independant musicians to give quality merchandise and makes keeping track of payments and the like easy on the artists. I put a few songs up to listen (not down loadable) at . My goal is to have a full album uploaded to BandCamp by the end of February/early March and available for purchase. I just need to tweak a few things: render the files in a lossless format, determine the track order, design a cover for the album, and make a banner for the page. The last one is the trickiest. I’m not really all that graphically talented. I’m currently asking for some friends to maybe draw something up for me.

It’s all so exciting, though. I mean, I doubt I’ll ever make a living off of my music until I finish school and get a decent resume (I’ve applied for the Academy of Art’s music program), but still… This is something I didn’t really think I’d see.

Pardon me while I run off to do several happy dances.

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