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September 2009 Global Vampire Community Discussion
Hosted By Voices of the Vampire Community (VVC)

Any interested are welcome to attend a Global Vampire Community Discussion on Sunday, September 20, 2009. Two different sessions will be hosted to best accommodate everyone’s schedule (the discussion will reset at the beginning of each session). The first at 4:00 PM Eastern US/EST (8:00 PM GMT) and the second at 9:00 PM Eastern US/EST (1:00 AM GMT – September 21, 2009). If you need assistance with time conversions refer to: The discussion will be held in the IRC channel #vampirevoices on Dalnet.

Topics For Discussion:

a. Your Personal Health: What is your opinion on the correlation of various medical maladies common to some sanguinarian and/or psychic vampires? What steps do you take to ensure optimum physical and mental health?

b. Variety Of Feeding Methods: Are some of your specific feeding methods (sanguinarian and/or psychic) more effective than others? If so, which are more effective and which are less or ineffective?

c. Open Vampire Community Discussion: Any topic you’d like to bring up for discussion is welcome.

If you have the ability to install or use an IRC client (a program used to connect to an IRC server) to access the discussion, please do so. If you don’t have an irc client already installed on your machine, two popular clients are mIRC ( and xchat ( or

If you do not have the ability to access IRC another way, you can access the discussion by going to and entering your desired Username, then clicking “Connect”. Please be aware that Dalnet limits the number of people who can connect via the browser-based chat, so if you have another option for connecting, [u][b]we strongly encourage you to not use the browser-based system[/b][/u].

For anyone who has an IRC Client, use or another dalnet server ( and join #vampirevoices

Please help spread the word to all those you know in the vampire community. The channel (#vampirevoices) is always open so feel free to drop by anytime you wish. We hope to see everyone there!

– Voices of the Vampire Community (VVC)


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