Pixie disappeared for HOW LONG?

Okay. I have not had a very good last three months (actually a bit longer than that, but I digress), and it resulted in me being taken off of the internet until things got straightened out in my life.

Obviously with me posting, the net is back, after a long three months. Things will take me a bit to get caught up on. Between 3 separate email accounts, the backlog of emails is just daunting, not counting all the back posts on the forums I frequent. And then add in things like Twitter, Facebook, Myspace, Sangspace (or what it’s calling itself this week), etc. Almost makes you not want to come back online.

But yeah, I’m back, and I’ve been duly reprimanded for letting cobwebs gather on my blog. At the least, I shall be updating my Twitter (located in the menu), but don’t expect much in the ways of vamps there. I ❤ my vampys, but I don't live, breathe, and eat vampirism.