AKA Trying to improve myself through a list of goals

Thanks to a friend of mine I found out about It is a goal checklist app where you write out at least 10 goals (the prior minimum was 101, but they lowered it for ease of use) and try to complete them in 365 (or, in this year’s case, 366) days. I am currently writing up my goals. At this time I’m at about 40, but I hope that by the time I’m done writing, I’ll have close to 101, cause it seems like fun.

One of my goals so far is to update this blog at least once a month. I also have general goals to help better my life, such as making a budget that will actually work, try to get healthier, and organize myself better. So, maybe y’all would like to join me in this? Yes, it’s after Jan 1, but your year starts the day you lock in your goals list, and ends a year later, so it is a true year. (Goals: 45)

Your goals don’t need to be major changes in life, or unattainable. I mean, a friend of mine, one of her goals is to craft something. It doesn’t matter what it is, she just wants to make something with her hands. Of course, crafty me added it to my list, in addition to a couple of other craft related goals, like making a pair of socks. The site even gives you inspiration, by giving you a peek at what other people have put on their lists, challenges that users have submitted, etc. (Goals: 51)

So, now I’m going to stop typing for now. When I’ve finighed my 101 goals, I will type them here. (Goals: 60)

AcrophobicPixie’s Goals for 2012

  1. Make a budget that is simple
  2. Stick to said budget
  3. Preplan any grocery shopping to stay within budget
  4. Try to use coupons once, not switching brands to do so
  5. Open a savings account
  6. Try to have at least $700 in said savings account, unless an emergency prevents me from doing so
  7. Pay all of my bills on time
  8. Write at least twelve songs (Average of one a month)
  9. Compete in at least four SongFights
  10. Take above twelve songs (also four SF submissions if they are extra) and release it as an album of some sort
  11. Have confidence in myself
  12. Make plans with friends more often
  13. Meet an online friend IRL
  14. Show more appreciation to my family and friends
  15. Be more social – Outside of the PC
  16. Cut down on how addicted I am to my phone
  17. Bring my camera and take pictures more often
  18. Send Christmas/Yule cards
  19. Keep my inbox caught up and orderly
  20. Cook more, versus eating out
  21. Be more active
  22. Drop down to a healthier weight
  23. Clear my closet of clothes that are the wrong size/ruined
  24. Try to quit smoking (Or at least cut down by half)
  25. Cut down on my soda intake to a maximum of three cans per day
  26. Keep up on housework (At least 15 minutes every other day)
  27. Get a new (to me) couch to replace my sectional
  28. Buy proper bookshelves
  29. Reorganize my books/magazines
  30. Get a proper desk
  31. Get a new computer
  32. Get the information needed to plan going back to school
  33. Go to at least one concert
  34. Update my blog at least once a month
  35. Update my website at least once this year
  36. Organize my craft supplies
  37. Make something crafty for my home. It can be useful, decorative, or whatever. But I have to craft it myself in some way or other.
  38. Crochet/Knit an afghan
  39. Crochet/Knit a pair of socks
  40. Finish/Frog at least 50% of prior WIP’s
  41. Stop being so nosey
  42. Have a reason to wear heels at least once a month
  43. Get a wonderful haircut
  44. Start buying a more flattering wardrobe
  45. Watch less TV
  46. Have “Ladies Night” on Skype at least once every other month
  47. Try new recipes
  48. Get Cricket fixed (Poor thing)
  49. Paint something (Picture, room, etc)
  50. Organize the apps on my phone, and get rid of unneeded ones
  51. Organize my pantry
  52. Keep a list of my pantry’s contents
  53. Get my own internet provider (versus mooching off of Mom)
  54. Try to switch Cricket to a wet diet
  55. If the above works, try to switch Cricket to a raw/semi-raw diet
  56. Talk to my Gma at least once every other week
  57. Be a better daughter
  58. Be a better sister
  59. Be a better girlfriend
  60. Spend at least 30 minutes a day playing with Cricket
  61. Try to do my local radio station’s “Word of the Day” sentence at least once a week
  62. Stop apologizing for things I don’t/can’t control
  63. Go to the doctor at least once (Outside of Workman’s Comp claims)
  64. Go to the dentist at least once
  65. Look into getting a better job than I currently have
  66. Dress myself better (when outside of my work uniform)
  67. Start the process to get my driver’s license again
  68. Get some form of local identification
  69. Try to cut down on my swearing
  70. Try to be nicer to people in general
  71. Keep up with my DNS friends on a regular basis
  72. Pay my DNS dues on time (In other words, before the duesmaster starts yelling)
  73. Spend at least two nights each PVP week active in the corp
  74. Send at least 10 friends a note/txt/card for their birthday
  75. Keep my alcohol consumption to within my “Rule” of roughly 5 times a year
  76. Go on a walk at least once a week
  77. Spend more quality time with my boyfriend without either of our families
  78. Learn more about Autism Type PDD
  79. Make Cricket’s “Baby Book”
  80. Decorate one room in my home
  81. Keep up on my favorite webcomics
  82. Support at least one of my favorite webcomic artists at least once
  83. Buy at least one album by a favorite artist, versus downloading it (Unless it’s pay to download)
  84. Watch the news at least three times a week
  85. If I start a project, set a deadline for it’s completion that is possible
  86. Add any crochet/knit projects to my Ravelry account
  87. Update Ravelry project with pictures both in progress (if possible) and finished
  88. Cancel/Delete accounts on websites I no longer frequent
  89. Check in on forums once a week
  90. Do not lose my social life irl to social media (ie: Twitter, FB, forums)
  91. Contact at least one friend a week to keep up with them
  92. Participate in at least one Ravelympics event
  93. Read at least 5 non fiction books
  94. Get rid of books I only read once
  95. Do -something- with my Warhammer figurines
  96. Write a children’s book of Norse mythology (Or at least halfway through)
  97. Set up a personal altar space
  98. Either fix or set up a system to keep doors to rooms shut when needed
  99. Do one thing each pay period for fun
  100. Retest for my HAM license
  101. Get a simple HAM setup


See? I did it! 101 goals for the next year. Told you I could. And if I could, you can too! Give it a go. It’s not like the world will end if you don’t complete them all. But at least you’ll have proof that you wanted to, and something to keep your mind on track.

So now, I’m going to leave you so I can get started. I think I’m going to tackle the budget goals, first. Sounds like a good plan, right? Right. So, until next time, have fun, enjoy your lives, and I’ll be seeing you shortly!