My baby’s all grown up!

Gah, I’m feeling old. My (unofficially adopted) daughter is engaged! I’ve known her since she was a little little thing, & I honestly couldn’t be happier for her. Her fiance seems to be a total sweetheart.
Well, I was so happy when she asked me to help with the wedding. I cannot express it in words. I admit it, I teared up. I mean, while I didn’t give birth to her, she’s my lil baby. So, I’ve been scouring bridal magazines I had stashed in a closet, & fishing around for ideas. I have an idea of what she wants, so I’m ripping out pictures & popping them in a folder for her to look at.
The hardest part? Figuring out how to word the invitations in a formal manner, and respecting the groom’s parents, but still including the bride’s adoptive parents, with a nod to her birth parents (who are not in the picture). Yup. My girl wants a big formal wedding. The way I’m seeing it, she wants a gothic royal wedding. I’m going to do my best to see that she gets it.
She has strict rules that if I turn into Momzilla, she’s to bop me upside the head. So, I’m going to go relax with a nice glass of merlot, put away the bridal pile, & annoy my cat & daughter a bit.

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