The VVC tries something different

Many of you are familiar with who the VVC are because you’ve participated in our Global Community Chats, have subscribed to our RSS feed, follow Vampire Community News on Twitter, or through some other avenue. For those who aren’t, our public website is available here: an excerpt from our organizational statement can be found below:

Once a quarter, we designate our business meeting as “public,” meaning we post a transcript of it on our website. Our next public meeting will be held on August 30th, and we’ve decided to ask for your input on our meeting agenda. Do you have suggestions for projects you’d like to see us undertake, which could involve the entire community? Are there any topics or issues you feel need to be discussed? What would you like to see us attempt to accomplish in the future?

Please remember that public meetings aren’t the same as global discussions. The meeting is only attended by VVC members and the transcript will be made public later. You can refer to prior meeting agendas before making suggestions so you know what we’ve discussed in the past and avoid duplicate suggestions. Please try to make your suggestions for topics with responses that can be thought-out or written out beforehand. That way members who are unable to attend can still submit their views for the record.

We’ve only got a few days, so please try to respond by 11:59 PM on Sunday August 23, 2009. I’ll take your suggestions back to the VVC for consideration or submit them directly via the feedback form (see below). Even if we don’t use it this time, we might include it in a future meeting.

Please feel free to contact me or any member of the VVC directly with your suggestions, or follow this link to post your suggestions to the VVC Community Feedback form:


Guess what?

I got interviewed by  a newspaper that’s all the way over in Portugal about the vampire community and my role (and donors in general) in it. Super spiffy! Will try to get a copy once it’s in print so I can show y’all. Apparently the guy who’s writing the article didn’t think the community was as large as it is, so it’s going to be a much larger article than originally planned (which, imo, is freaking awesome).  Now, let’s see if my interview gets actually used, unlike the last interview I did…

Other than that, not much to say today. Tired, somewhat cranky because my game doesn’t wish to update, and debating on what I want to eat. Hasta!


There’s been things going on in my life lately, which have kept me fairly busy. Let me tell you about them!

Firstly, my vampire and I trekked out to Baltimore last month for Otakon. Much fun was had, even though the donor/vamp gathering that was planned didn’t happen. Apparently people tore down my signs. Boo on them. But I did meet a friend of a friend there (who is a vamp) so it wasn’t a total loss! That, and seeing my vamp and I going all fan girl in front of Charm City Cakes was totally worth it. Next year, we’re thinking of heading out a couple of days early, see if any of the other swans and vamps want to come out (but not necessarily for the con) and ride the Ducks. Cause one of the stops is Edgar Allen Poe’s grave. Bwahahaha.

Secondly, the VVC has been hosting a public chatroom. This isn’t like our public meetings, where it’s done in private, then posted for public veiw and comments after the fact. This is public public. Joe Schmo down the street could come, if they wanted. We’re located on DalNet on IRC, in #vampirevoices. Stop by, and chat! There’s also scheduled chats with specific topics to be discussed. We’re still working on a set schedule, but so far it’s looking like the first or second Sunday of the month, about 4pm EST. I’ll try to remember to blog about it when the next one gets decided on. The first two were a blast. And the number of people who showed up! Whoa. Heck, my vamp even showed up for the last one.

Thirdly, irl, my job is offering overtime out the wazoo. So I’m signing up for it, often working 6 day work weeks, sometimes working a double shift or two within that week. Money is good, even if it is the root of all evil. That, and it’s been hot as blazes here lately, so when I get home I am tuckered out. My bf even gets annoyed that I’ll talk to him for a few, go take a shower, and head to bed. When, before I started overtiming, I’d talk to him for hours at a time, and play video games, too. Now it’s like, I’ll talk to him for about an hour or so, maybe play a bit, then start nodding off at my pc. No room for other random shit like blogging or checking email on a regular basis. Blech.

So yeah, that is what has been going on. Somewhat boring, and all. I mean, I haven’t even dyed my hair in months! People are going to start thinking something is wrong with me, since I’m letting the blonde show…

Y’all be good and stuff, and I’ll try to post later on in the week.

Pixie found a funny.. hehehe

Okay, so I was listening to a radio station the other day, not really paying attention, when all of a sudden I hear “Black Swan” come out of the DJ’s mouth. I was like, wtf? So I listened to the song, and paid close attention when the DJ restated what he said before the song. A bit of wiki’ing, and I come up with this:

Yup. Someone made an album (and title song) named Black Swan! The song I heard (not the title song, unfortunately) was pretty decent. And anyone who knows me knows that I’m oddly picky about my music. Unfortunately, from what I can tell, it has nothing to do with our type of black swan, but the original definition, of a really rare occurance.