June 21, 2008

Yay for the first full day of spring! My tiger lilies are blooming, the weather is practically perfect. Now, if it can hold out til tomorrow, and if this damned cold will go away.. *grrs*

Yes, we don’t get spiffy enhancements like Renfield does in Dracula. I get sick about once a season, and it typically is bad enough for me to lose my voice (like today). The first time it happened like this, I had been hanging out with a vampire friend of the family, so I joked that the vampires stole my voice, cause it was tastier than my blood or something. It stuck.

And vamps get sick, too. One of my friends has a cold today, as well. And another close friend had her entire family get sick with the flu a few weeks back. Otherkin people get sick as well. Just cause we’re a bit special, doesn’t mean we can avoid all the other mundane icky stuff.

Things are a bit hectic this weekend. The VCMB is down for repairs and upgrades. Which is going to lead to bored vamps and donors to flood the chatzy room and the BSH. During these upgrades, we’ll have a link to the /v/ chatzy on our forums at BSH. If I can figure out how 😛

Yeah, well…

I know I said I’d write more.. But my life has kind of hitched a ride in a handbasket, if you know what I mean. I’ve broken off a relationship that has slowly gone sour over the years. It hurts, but what can you do? If you need to cut the ties, then whip out your scissors, no?

Things between my vamp and I have kind of gotten stressed. Due to my current address being the handbasket, I haven’t been talking to anyone on the phone. No money to buy minutes, and I’m not going to go begging for someone to give me a cell fix. If I can’t get time on my phone, oh well. But she kind of panicked, and was afraid I didn’t want to be her donor anymore, etc. I sent her a message to calm her down. If I get the time tonight, I’ll give her a call. 🙂

Our forums have been up since January-ish.. And we finally had our first big blow up! I’m so surprised, but even with the stress level going through the roof, I’m relieved. Due to the commotion, we finally have a banning policy (up til now, we didn’t need one), and hopefully we won’t have to use it. *crosses fingers* I and the other admins are kind of surprised that it took so long for tempers to flare up like they did, but now that they have, maybe the people in the community who are nervous of we Swans having a voice, and actually using it, will come around to our way of thinking. We’re more than just food that can talk, you know. As Slinky quoted: If you don’t want your food to talk, then don’t go to the restaurant at the end of the universe.

Now for the nil-ish stuff.

Family is doing okay. One of my sisters is back in our home town for a visit with my other two biological sisters. The little brother is learning the wonder of Neopets. He still hasn’t figured out the whole “You have to submit your score to earn points so you can feed your pet and buy it shineys.” Mom and Dad have to keep reminding him when they see him playing. It’s cute. I reactivated one of my older accounts (the one I actually remember my password to), and that way I can “babysit” him on Neopets. I also help him cheat if he gets a fairy quest, since he doesn’t totally understand everything.

OMG, it’s hot here. It’s been in the upper 90’s for the past 4 days or so, and freakishly humid. I’ve been camping down at my mom’s place on a recliner, since she has a ground floor place, therefore, in theory, cooler. When I’m at work, I’ll sit outside on the sidewalk while I have my break and smoke or eat.. I just love how I’ll go outside with a glass that’s just ice, and if I accidentally set it on the asfault, the condensation turns to steam when it hits the ground. Plus side of all this sun? My legs don’t glow in the dark as badly as they did during the winter. The tops of my feet got burnt, but you can still sort of see the ghost of the tan lines from last summer’s henna on them, from where I drew protection sigils and the like before I flew to move.

My mom recently got back in contact with my “aunts”. Auntie Diana and Aunt Bun were my adopted aunts back when I was in junior high, and trolling on IRC when it was still brand spanking new. Like, I remember teaching them bffutondtkibd (Best Friends Forever Until The Ocean Needs Diapers To Keep It’s Bottom Dry, jsyk :P) The only one we can’t find is my Uncle Oggy, the man who taught me most of what I know about runes (outside of books). He gave me runic homework and stuff, and would praise me on my shotputting skills (which were nonexhistant, since I barely hurled the thing 6 feet, and everyone was lobbing the damned ball twice or triple that, to warm up). No offense to my aunties, but I did kind of like Uncle Oggy best. He was so cool! And, for a 12-13 year old, learning things that no one at your school had ever heard of (like runes, and doing practice readings in homeroom while the teacher looked on enrapt in it all) was AWESOME. Yeah, I yelled that. Sue me.

But now, I’ve got another person other’n Wolf and Slinky to harp on me about my blog. My mom got a Blogger. And you thought mine had a lameass while still wicked cool title? Hers is “God, I’m getting old.” So, now we have to compete on who does more posts. She doesn’t read mine, nor does she know what it’s about. My mom’s cool, but even she would probably go a bit wacky about me talking about being friends with vampires, let alone letting them nom on my aura. I mean, she gave me my first Psychic Self Defense workbook when I was in highschool, cause she knew I was having problems in school. I just don’t think she realised the extent of it, since I don’t believe she knows about my empathy, and I know she doesn’t know about me being a fae.

So, I need to go yell at the brother. He’s addicted to YouTube, and insists that the entire household must listen to fast food restaurant commercials from Brazil…