Why am I still surprised?

Warning: There is a link to NSFW content in this post.

About two months ago I wrote a pair of posts/articles/whatever you want to call them. They were deemed highly controversial for what I talked about. I don’t regret what I called attention to, namely the way donors and non-vamps are sometimes treated in the online and offline vampire community. The first post came across pretty darned bitchy, so I wrote a calmer version a day or two later.

Either way, I got a barrage of comments on here and on facebook groups where it was linked. Some sided with me (Yay!), but a large number, well… To be honest, a good number were not nice, polite, etc. A large percentage of those comments seem to be from people who didn’t actually read the whole blog post, just the title of the first one, and thought “HOMG! That bitch is attacking that guy! Who dafuq does she think she is?” I’ve gotten threats against my life, just because I didn’t like what a group of people (not just one singular person) said about people like me. Tough shit. I’m an adult, I live in the United States, where we have the right to free speech. Despite claims to the contrary, I didn’t edit anyone’s comments. I approved every comment on those two posts, whether they were “Pro-Pixie” or not. The only time I disapproved or edited comments in the entire time this blog has been up is if it was a spam comment promoting some stupid website, or, like I saw yesterday when I checked my email, someone posted the same comment on 4 different posts on my blog.


Yup. That’s the post. Did I look at the porn linked? No. A friend of mine did. Let’s just say, ew. Want to watch it yourself? Here you go. http://www.pornhub.com/view_video.php?viewkey=687535318 So, yeah.

I’m pissed. Why? I could just ignore this, and put it in the stupid threat that no one will follow through on, just like I have on the death threats. There’s just one big, and I mean big, difference.

No one has tried to kill me before. But, on the other hand, I have been raped before.

Yes, I’m a rape survivor. I had a person force themself on me against my will, and no matter how much I may dislike or even hate my worst enemy, I would never, and I mean NEVER, wish that upon anyone.

So. What am I going to do about it? Nothing. Confused? Here’s what I propose. Donor’s do their own form of a “sit-in”. Now, for those of you who are not quite sure what that is, I’ll spell it out for you. Back in the day, during the Hippy era and the civil rights protests in the late 50’s, early 60’s, people would gather and sit in protest against war or inequality. They’d just sit there, maybe sing a song, but that’s all they’d do. Sit.

Well, in this day and age, it’s somewhat impractical to do something like that. So I ask for donors to go on strike. Starting Wednesday, October 24th, until Halloween, a week later, don’t feed your vampire(s). Explain to your vampire why you’re on strike, that it’s a shame that donors that speak up against abuse are threatened abuse. That those who were not “blessed” to be born a vampire, but want to be involved to better your lives through friendship and being a possible food source, are treated like animals, like “cattle”. Now, if you’re lucky, like I am, and have vampires in your life who are cool, treat you like an equal, etc., kudos for you. But, still go on strike. After I publish this post, I’m calling or texting my vampires and letting them know that the buffet is closed.

Now, it’s been suggested to me by a close friend that the strike should be for longer than a week. But, I’m not going to risk people’s health over this. I figure that one week is long enough to make a point, but short enough that people won’t suffer serious health complications from lack of feeding. Stock up on substitutes, people. If other donors out there want to extend the strike, don’t go longer than a month. Myself, it would lead to issues. I donate because I have to. I’m the energetic opposite of a psychic vampire. While vamps need to eat energy, I need to drain it.

I’m adding this post to my list of “Publish all comments unedited, no matter what”. Even if they aren’t legible. Even if they, yet again, threaten me physically. I’ll also cross-link this post to a couple of Facebook groups and some forums I’m on. If you read this, whether you agree with it or not, pass it on. Spread the word.

11 thoughts on “Why am I still surprised?

  1. Brenda Lee aka Swan Queen says:

    I don’t blame you ONE BIT. It’s so easy to be fucking ballsy over the internet and people that post shit like that are fucking juvenile idiots. Ooh real tough “big guy” that chose to be anonymous! Way to impress…NOT. No worries Pixie, I’m on your side. Don’t let these fucktards win. Fuck the so-called vamps and posers, honestly. And fuck those “vampires/vampyres” that feel donors are nothing but cattle and blood bags.

  2. deacongray says:

    Reblogged this on thegraveyardpress and commented:
    This is a blog worth reading, I think it is important for people to know what is going on around them and in this case I found myself both in support of the writer and at times annoyed. Still this is a free country, and whoever Enforcer W is…well if you were a friend on my list somewhere…please remove yourself, and never speak to me again.

  3. deacongray says:

    I hope whomever the person is who made those comments is not on any of my friends lists..if so I would just say…please remove yourself and don’t bother speaking to me again.

    I will repost this to the GYP, and spread the word.

  4. I’m glad Deacon already took care of this as I approve of reblogging. Also, if you are “enforcerw” and on ANY of my friends lists, please remove yourself.

    As a side note, I’m confused. What, other than violence and discrimination, is this person “enforcing”?

  5. I had no idea relations were that straind. I haven’t been following community news, but maybe I should start again…I hope everything is okay, Pixie.

  6. D, , says:

    Personally i will say you should not be part of the actual community, simply because how you handled your self. you violated peoples privacy over words. now your look at me! is trying to get people who are not evolved in your issue (as you are not a donor to anyone there not really your issue or business) this is as stupid as some instigated battle of the sexes.

    other donors, know how their vampires are , good and bad, so striking for your own is up to you, but, tryinmgt6o get others to strike, personally
    if i had a donor who supported you in this venture and went on strike they would promply find themselves out and replaced.” DON’T LET THE DOOR HIT YOU WHERE THE GOOD LORD SPLIT YOU!” anyone stupid enough to follow you, does not need to help vampires, it is a game your playing , i find it more distasteful, than any derogatory term, this is almost like sending money to feed children in other countries while our own starve. you should never mess with anyone’s lively hood to take the food out of the mouth of an other is evil, all because you are butt hurt about words. all in all showing favoritism and that you cannot be trusted. I do not trust you and i do not have to , i have been here longer . i was here before you ill be here after you. this kids just another dumb kid. why give him any attention. i do not intend to give you any more attention than needed
    D , ,

  7. Gigi Frost says:

    Acrophobic Pixie, Please help me understand why would you Donors to do this so called sit out?
    Is is based of one threat?
    So the person who made the threat goes by the name enforcer w?
    And if that is the case what he wrote in the highlighted box, does not seem to be a threat on your life, but someone who is not very mature.

    Is the video from that porn site the treat?
    You are not yourself a vamp of any kind correct?

    Did you or did you not state you wanted to stab RYU???
    Was this after the threats or was it after post of stabbing RYU?

    Ok, maybe the most confusing is did you write in the blog that and I quote that you are “As a “Community Leader”, it is my job to try to make my little corner of the community open and welcoming to all members of the community.”???

    What is your blog? I think knowing if you did write the quotes I have here from the site below will answer a lot of question for myself – as I do not speak for anyone other than myself.
    is it https://acrophobicpixie.wordpress.com/ ?
    I would like to see what is being written.

    If you did not expect people to do this so called strike, why ask?
    There have been pain staking stride, in the community to protect donor’s.
    According to what I believe to be your blog and as you stated and I quote ” My role, as I see it, is for me to be there as a support for the vampires in my life, and, the vampire community in general”

    So, I’m trying to understand how your statement is supporting the community which you say you have been involved in as you stated for and I will quote what you stated in the blog “nearly two thirds of my life, on the verge of twenty years”.

    Do you think that making such a statement, would upset those, who have gone through so much trouble to ensure the donor’s safety?

    I would greatly appreciate your reply as it would answer a lot of questions and shed some much needed light on some facts.

    Gigi Frost

  8. Jesse Walker says:

    Just curious, and I don’t mean to sound rude. Could you elaborate on being the opposite of an energy vampire? I’ve never come across that, and I find it interesting. I’m always open for opportunities to learn something.

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