June 21, 2008

Yay for the first full day of spring! My tiger lilies are blooming, the weather is practically perfect. Now, if it can hold out til tomorrow, and if this damned cold will go away.. *grrs*

Yes, we don’t get spiffy enhancements like Renfield does in Dracula. I get sick about once a season, and it typically is bad enough for me to lose my voice (like today). The first time it happened like this, I had been hanging out with a vampire friend of the family, so I joked that the vampires stole my voice, cause it was tastier than my blood or something. It stuck.

And vamps get sick, too. One of my friends has a cold today, as well. And another close friend had her entire family get sick with the flu a few weeks back. Otherkin people get sick as well. Just cause we’re a bit special, doesn’t mean we can avoid all the other mundane icky stuff.

Things are a bit hectic this weekend. The VCMB is down for repairs and upgrades. Which is going to lead to bored vamps and donors to flood the chatzy room and the BSH. During these upgrades, we’ll have a link to the /v/ chatzy on our forums at BSH. If I can figure out how 😛