Hello world!

Okay. I’m Acrophobic Pixie. I wander around the net every now and then. To my knowledge, I’m the only pixie that admits to acrophobia, so if you’ve met me, you’ve really met this me. If that makes sense.

So, this blog, the title, and my avatar picture. What the heck?, right? Okay. My avatar is of a döner, this apparently super tasting sandwich. People who don’t use spell check often use doner instead of the word donor. A donor is a person that gives things to people, with no expectations of recieving something in return. Okay, well, it’s a bit more complicated. Sure, I give to charity when I can, but I’m a different kind of donor. I donate to vampires. The real kind, not Dracula.

Vampires and those other things that supposedly go bump in the night exhist. Not all that to get excited about, though. Oooh, it’s a vampire, I’m so scared. *rolls eyes*

I’m currently donor to one vampire. She’s been a great friend of mine for several years. She’s a psychic vampire, so we don’t have to be in the same physical vicinity for her to feed. Now, if I were to have a sanguine vamp, then yes, I’d have to be nearby. Bottled blood is not that safe. And very hard to ship, not that I’d really know.

But I started this blog for the other donors out there. Lady Slinky wanted to know if there were any donor websites, and I didn’t know of any, but I know of crochet and knitting blogs, so I thought, why not? If yarn can have a blog, why can’t a person that is often mistaken for a sandwich? *grins*

Welcome to my blog. Hopefully I’ll do better at this than my old LJ account 😛