Guess what?

I got interviewed by  a newspaper that’s all the way over in Portugal about the vampire community and my role (and donors in general) in it. Super spiffy! Will try to get a copy once it’s in print so I can show y’all. Apparently the guy who’s writing the article didn’t think the community was as large as it is, so it’s going to be a much larger article than originally planned (which, imo, is freaking awesome).  Now, let’s see if my interview gets actually used, unlike the last interview I did…

Other than that, not much to say today. Tired, somewhat cranky because my game doesn’t wish to update, and debating on what I want to eat. Hasta!


There’s been things going on in my life lately, which have kept me fairly busy. Let me tell you about them!

Firstly, my vampire and I trekked out to Baltimore last month for Otakon. Much fun was had, even though the donor/vamp gathering that was planned didn’t happen. Apparently people tore down my signs. Boo on them. But I did meet a friend of a friend there (who is a vamp) so it wasn’t a total loss! That, and seeing my vamp and I going all fan girl in front of Charm City Cakes was totally worth it. Next year, we’re thinking of heading out a couple of days early, see if any of the other swans and vamps want to come out (but not necessarily for the con) and ride the Ducks. Cause one of the stops is Edgar Allen Poe’s grave. Bwahahaha.

Secondly, the VVC has been hosting a public chatroom. This isn’t like our public meetings, where it’s done in private, then posted for public veiw and comments after the fact. This is public public. Joe Schmo down the street could come, if they wanted. We’re located on DalNet on IRC, in #vampirevoices. Stop by, and chat! There’s also scheduled chats with specific topics to be discussed. We’re still working on a set schedule, but so far it’s looking like the first or second Sunday of the month, about 4pm EST. I’ll try to remember to blog about it when the next one gets decided on. The first two were a blast. And the number of people who showed up! Whoa. Heck, my vamp even showed up for the last one.

Thirdly, irl, my job is offering overtime out the wazoo. So I’m signing up for it, often working 6 day work weeks, sometimes working a double shift or two within that week. Money is good, even if it is the root of all evil. That, and it’s been hot as blazes here lately, so when I get home I am tuckered out. My bf even gets annoyed that I’ll talk to him for a few, go take a shower, and head to bed. When, before I started overtiming, I’d talk to him for hours at a time, and play video games, too. Now it’s like, I’ll talk to him for about an hour or so, maybe play a bit, then start nodding off at my pc. No room for other random shit like blogging or checking email on a regular basis. Blech.

So yeah, that is what has been going on. Somewhat boring, and all. I mean, I haven’t even dyed my hair in months! People are going to start thinking something is wrong with me, since I’m letting the blonde show…

Y’all be good and stuff, and I’ll try to post later on in the week.

Pixie found a funny.. hehehe

Okay, so I was listening to a radio station the other day, not really paying attention, when all of a sudden I hear “Black Swan” come out of the DJ’s mouth. I was like, wtf? So I listened to the song, and paid close attention when the DJ restated what he said before the song. A bit of wiki’ing, and I come up with this:

Yup. Someone made an album (and title song) named Black Swan! The song I heard (not the title song, unfortunately) was pretty decent. And anyone who knows me knows that I’m oddly picky about my music. Unfortunately, from what I can tell, it has nothing to do with our type of black swan, but the original definition, of a really rare occurance.

Happy Birthday!

It’s been a year since we’ve started this path to whatever you want to call this. We’ve seen many changes in the community since this started. We have a donor centered support group and website, and I’m on the Vampire Voices of the Community committee. I can’t believe all of the things we’ve accomplished this year. And, in 1 month, we celebrate the one year birthday of the Black Swan Haven.

I’m totally buying a cake for it. *grins*

It still stuns me when I see the numbers for this blog on how many of you actually want to know what I say about certain things or peek into my life as a donor/swan.

So, I want to thank you so much for supporting me and the girls at the Haven. And I hope you keep supporting us through the next year as we go through our sophomore pains, and for what we hope will be many years to come.

THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!

I have a new addiction…

I have found Second Life. I was one of those “But it’s not really a game?!? It’s just dressing up and running around and being stupid.”

But then a vamp friend took me in, and took me shopping. Oh, do I love to shop when it’s not really me who has to try on clothing and either be disappointed by how the outfit looks, or by how great it looks, and then not having the money for it.

So, yeah. I’ve been hanging out in there. My older brother joined. So totally dragging his vampy ass to my fave clubs. Yes, there are clubs in there. And no, I’m not taking him to a sex club. Maybe a strip club, cause that’d be funny. Oh, and I got the CUTEST pair of wings. You can change the color and everything.

My vamp just laughed and shook her head. She’s not too into things like that.  But I like it. even has a branch there, to be a support group thing. There’s a coffee chat in the mornings sometimes, and one of the vamp clubs has a theme night. We just had a toga party a while back. Yeah, me in a toga is not flattering in game. It makes me look hippy.

For those of you who keep track of me irl, you’ll be happy to know I’m no longer unemployed. I got a job within a week of me losing my previous one, and since it was only for part time, I found a full time job a few days later! As it is right now, I’m going to try and keep both for as long as possible. But, if I can’t handle the stress, I’ll drop the part time one at a later date. For now, I’m just looking for a roommate to help me with my expenses, and tucking away the paychecks from my part time job into a separate bank account for a rainy day.

But yeah, things are looking up! My vamp was kind enough to make sure the Haven will be up and running for another year when she heard about my financial issues. And no, she didn’t break the bank. It’s like, $30 a year for both hosting and domain name, maybe cheaper. Later, after we get some research done on it, we might put in an account for Adsense, and try to make the site pay for itself. Let us know what you think about it. Or maybe, we can open up a paypal for y’all to send a donation to, if you want. Luckily, we aren’t as expensive to run as other websites out there. There are the perks that the other sites get, like live chat, cooler hosting design thingies, etc. But I like the simplicity of what we have.

So, that’s it. See ya later, alligator!

*shakes head*

I know. Yet again, I’ve been a bad bad Pixie. No posts in forever and a day. Let me catch you up on what has happened in the past while.

I am currently unemployed. Which bites major monkey butts.  I’ve been hitting the street for the past couple of days applying everywhere. I’ve got my fingers crossed, and I hope you do, too.

I’ve also started working out. I joined a gym a few weeks ago, on the SO’s advice, and have been doing uber crunches from hell like mad. My abs have been worked so hard, it can be difficult to cough without getting a twinge. It’s so cool! Hopefully, with the added health I’ll get from this, things will be better energy wise for my vamp. 🙂 That, and a slimmer waist line in the near future.

Over at the Haven and on the VCMB, we’ve started planning for the first official meetup of the Donor Squad. We’re planning to go to Otakon ’09, and share a room and party hardy! Join the forums for details. But currently, our room is just about full, so others who want to come should go and reserve a room for themselves.

I’m still crafting. I was recently in a Paganism Craft Swap and got some really cool things. My partner MADE me a Fae Tarot deck. *faints out of shock*

And I’ve started playing around in Second Life. There’s a vampire night club I hang out at, a community center, etc. I currently live in the Vampiric Library. Feel free to visit! If you know me through one of the forums, drop me a line, and I’ll give you my name in SL. And I promise, while the shopping is addictive, I will not become little miss Super Tramp. My brother (the vamp) would KILL ME! He’s already threatening to taze me if I act too silly, or get hot blooded over some guy. And no, the phrase “Don’t taze me, bro!” has not had an affect on him. And apparently, he’s going to ask for parental permission beforehand.

Anyways, that’s it for now. I’m going to go wander off and play more in SL. Y’all have fun!

See? I’m being a good swan :)

Goodness, things are starting to pick up over here in Swanland!

First off, have you taken a gander at ver 2.0? If not, you really should. There’s a new layout all ready, and articles are actually going to be put up soon! I’m still trying to figure out how we’re going to have them for listing, but it shouldn’t be too bad.

And today was May Day, or Beltane. Not all of you are pagan, but I am. Well, I guess you could say I’m the pagan equivalent to a lapsed Catholic. I do Yule and Litha (cause my birthday’s near Litha, and who can’t remember Yule?), but typically don’t do much for the other holidays. But one of my resolutions for this year was to be more active in my religion. So I’m going to go light a candle before I go to bed. It’s only a couple of hours late *grin*

So, I’m going end tonight with an appletini and some chatting with my gods. You all take care of yourselves, and I’ll see you again within the next week.

Yeah, I know…

I suck. No posts in forever and a day. Bad Pixie. No cookie for you.

Well, this has been a somewhat crazy year so far. Shortly after my last post I found out I have full blown Periodontal disease, and have been having to go in to the dentist to get chewed out and tons of work done. Matter of fact, I have to go in again tomorrow for more work. Thank god for codiene and the like. It’s that bad.

My vamp was able to come out for a visit, though. 10 whole days of crazy fun times. First, we went to the St Pat’s day parade in town, and got to see my mom shoved back by Hillary’s secret service agents. 😛 Oh, and we were proper Irish gals and each had a half yard of beer. Not that green crap they were selling though, but an Irish Red.

And the shopping! Dear lord and lady, the amount of money that we spent is rediculous. But, I got her to actually play DDR, which was worth all the money we spent. And several pretzels. Mmmm…

Only downfall from the visit was the unexpected toll it took on me. We forgot that we normally did long distance feeds, and so she was either within touching distance or in the same building as me, and pulling as hard as she would have across country. I’m finally starting to get fully back to my old energy equillibrium. Thank goodness. But still, I wouldn’t have traded the visit for anything.

I’ve also been helping with my best friend’s wedding. He’s getting married this summer at an anime convention (the same place where he proposed), and I’m technically considered a bridesmaid, but I’m going to be standing with the groomsmen. And, of course, the wedding is matching the convention, so we’re all going to be asianed out. And I found the PERFECT crochet pattern. Just one problem, the largest size is about 5 inches too small. So I’m going to make a dress form, and start tweaking the pattern. It’s a crocheted version of a qipao or cheongsam. So pretty. I just need to see if I can talk my little sister into sewing me a shift to wear under it. It’s a shell pattern that’s going to be somewhat see through. I know the Otaku would LOVE to see a busty girl in a dress where there’s a chance to see bra or naughty bits, but I’m not going to give them that kind of satisfaction.

The Haven is doing well, and growing strong. I’m so happy at the success we’ve had so far. Wolf, Rev, Jamie, and everyone has been working so hard. Give them a round of applause.

I promise, I’ll be good and update this more. Maybe I’ll make Slinky hit me over the head on a regular basis to update this bad boy.


Monday, Dec. 3rd

Dear lord and lady.. It has been awhile since I’ve written. I honestly didn’t think that starting up the Haven would take up so much more of my time than I estimated. Sheesh.

In case you’re out of the loop, is up and running! And we even have our forum up, at Do the happy dance with me! *dances around like a goof ball*

So, what’s been new on the Pixie donor front?

Not much, really. My vamp has been doing better. She’s finally “eating” healthy, and now knows why I’ve been hitting her upside the proverbial head. The other vamp in my life, the big brother, is doing as well as can be expected, as well. Just spent about half an hour on the phone with him this morning talking about nonsense, like all siblings do. Tons of activity on the donor forum. Only three spambots, but the rest of it? OMG, it’s so exciting. Vamps and donors hashing things out and just, I don’t know… It’s great. I can’t wait til we get as active as our sister forum, the VCMB. We’ll need more moderators by then, but who cares. Finally, people are seeing that we swans don’t just sit idly by, while the vamps have all the fun. We’re a community of our own right, and it’s so much fun!

In my mundane life, it’s been same old, same old. Gas prices are biting me in the butt. Even with 92 cents off a gallon (fuel perk thing from the grocery store), it still cost almost $50 to fill a 17 gallon tank. And we’ll be lucky if that lasts us over a week. Work is doing good. Trying to finagle someone to dress up as Santa for a photo shoot at my store. And the last few nights have been crazy with customers. Where the heck were they during the Halloween season?? And I’ve never seen a store run out of Hershey’s Kisses a whole month before Xmas!

I’m trying to finish making my xmas/yule presents for everyone. Making one last yarn trip tonight, and getting fiberfill to stuff the 20 gagillion dragons I’ve got to finish. Everyone wants dragons, for some odd reason. If I have enough, I’ll get some sculpey to make Slinky a rune set… And to make my partners in crime over at the Haven something. Maybe some more embroidery floss. Goodness graciousness. I wonder if I’m going to be able to get all these done in time for the holidays?!? Ack!

Oh well. I will be on here more, I swear. #sangi and the other things need to stop distracting me. Y’all have a happy holiday season, and I’ll be back in the next few days (I hope)!

Oct. 25th

i gave up trying to keep up with what day it is. And to the person who found this while looking up doner allergies… Dude, I’m sorry 😛 While it is hilarious, I so totally didn’t mean to confuse you.

I’ve been okay. Been a smidge hectic at work, and a bit depressy at home, but that happens.

Website is still going strong. I’ve got a paypal now, so the other donors are sending me funds to buy the domain and stuff. Then we’ll be in full swing! All I have to do is figure out how the hell to set up a phpbb board. Might call a friend later and see if they know how to.

I’m cranky tonight , though, so I’m going to head off. Bai.