Soooo…. stuffs

Things have been… okay… in Pixie Land. I mean, I’m alive, I have a job, a roof over my head, et al. I’m still with the same boyo that I’ve been with for *gasp* 7 months. 😀 Things are doing fairly well.

But, due to me needing things like money, etc, I’ve been working a lot of overtime and the like. And, because of this, I’ve been insanely busy. Only thing I’ve been able to do online, really, is checking my im’s and doing my radio show. I’ve not even been able to play my video games as much as I’ve wanted to. Which makes me sad. But obviously, if I barely have the time to do that, I can’t really be fucked to keep my finger on the pulse of the community like I probably should.

Only thing I’ve been doing, community wise, really, is hanging out with a couple of the guys from the local house. Yeah, I know. Didn’t know there was a house here. But the guys are sweet, and fun to hang with. My lil brother even opened up to them, and a couple of months back, gave the whole house valentines. It was adorable. We’re trying to plan a movie night so we can all hang out and not necessarily talk community business. I’m thinking crappy vamp movies. Hehehe.

I’m working myself back up to being as active as I used to be. It’s just going to be hard, cause, well… No offense to the young bits out there, but I kind of got used to kidlets going “But Pixie… How do I do [insert random thing here]” It’s been so quiet, it’s lovely 😛

So, it’s latish, and I need to take a nap and get ready for work. I’ll update as I can.