Mkay. Yeah, this post is titled Shite. Deal with it. Been cranky lately.

Mom is sick, Jadey (my vamp for those of you in the dark) is sick, the boyo is feeling wonky (but I don’t think he’s sick. Just wonky), and I’m CRANKY!!

Why am I cranky? Apparently I was the only one to see the debacle last night involving the Haven site and forums. What debacle, you say? Oh.. It just decided to go missing for about an hour.

Here’s why. My bank is awesome, and they give me money towards free gas. To show that it’s all spiffy, they sent me a new debit card, thus invalidating my old debit card. And the money for the website hosting was due TODAY. So, of course, with me being a bit of a dumb blonde, I forgot to update my card info in Paypal until last night. So I go in, and it should be an easy thing, right? Change the info before it should be tapped, and evade the site being down for non-payment. Whee. Nope. I change my card, and the page refreshes…

To a message saying that I cancelled my hosting subscription. At first I misread it, thinking that they sent the payment through a day early. Nope. Checked my email. Had an email from both Paypal and the hoster saying that the subscription was cancelled. Which resulted in me going “Oh shit, oh shit, oh shit..” very loudly. I checked the website, just to make sure I wasn’t hallucinating. Got a 403 error for the forums, and a 404 for the website. Which led to me hyperventilating a little.

Luckily, I was able to get it to resubmit the subscription (PHEW!!!) but it took about an hour for the site to come back online. Oddly, the forum came up before the site proper. I was able to check the forum before I left for work, but I had to text Zilchy and ask him to see if the website was back up.

So, yay, things are working again.

Now, if I could just get people’s immune systems to get back where they are supposed to be…

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