Duct tape, vaccums, and birthday cake

Lookit! It’s not even been a full week and I’m updating! Going to hurt my computer because my left Ctrl key is busted, so I can’t copy and paste easily. But never fear!

Okay, so Friday was the Haven’s birthday. Unfortunately, my parents “kidnapped” me and forced me to go with them to Cracker Barrel for dinner. Oh, the forcing that they had to do to get me to go have fried apple goodness. So, since I work graveyards, and Mom came up to my place just as I was settling down to sleep, I got no sleep at all that day, so as soon as I got home, I passed out. I wouldn’t have had room for cake, anyways.

So, the Haven had a belated birthday party. After I spent most of the day cleaning, rearranging furniture, etc. My coffee table is now in a proper place in front of my couch. It has my monitor, the front and center speakers, the knitting machine of awesomeness, and my ash tray. (Yes, Pixie smokes. Get over it.) But I have end tables! And my tower is on the one to my left, and books and CDs are on the one to my right. And random stuff is inside them. The boyo is out of town with friends until this evening, so I cleaned my booty off in between books.

Now, for the party details! I was just chatting with a couple of friends on Skype, so it wasn’t too interesting, but there was cake, I played the happy hardcore Happy Birthday song, blew out candles, etc.  Wanna see?

Sure you do.

Okay, picture one is the cake itself, with it’s black birthday candles. Yes, one is striped and the other has white polkadots, but you try to find black birthday candles at a grocery store a week after Halloween is over with. And no, there’s no cool New Age shop nearby where they sell those year round, like back when I lived in Indiana.

Picture number two! Yup, I blew out the candles. You can see the polka dotted candle mid blowout. Looks spiffy. And like I need to tell you.. I’m not going to spill what the wish was. And yes, that’s my pc with twenty gagilion cables coming out of it’s back, my joystick, and a “rescued” milk crate.

Picture number three! Like I’m going to let good cake go to waste? I mean, I don’t really like chocolate icing. Okay, I hate the stuff. But the cake was cheap, and it’d be bad luck or something to scrape the icing off. So, here it is, partially nommed.

Picture number the last. Poor poor cake is now all nommed and happy in my tummy. All that’s left are crumbs, candles, and a bit of reallllllllllllllly icky chocolate icing stuck to the fork that I just can’t force myself to eat. I mean… Ewwwie.

So, that’s that! Until next year’s party, when there is going to be THREE candles in it. Makes you want to go ooOOOOOoooo, dunnit? You guys go have fun. I’m going to grab me a book and read until the boyo gets home. See you next week!