I know, I know

I know, I know. I said that I’d be updating at the minimum every Sunday. Blame Comcast. Every year they raised the price on the tv services, but if we got rid of the expensive movie channels (that we never watched) you think we’d save money, right? Wrong. It would un-bundle us or something, so we’d end up spending more money. *sigh* So, the parental types who are paying for this whole shebang said “Fuck that shit.” and cancelled the tv service, keeping just the internet and phone. Apparently, we can get what we want, tv wise, for much cheaper at Direct TV. The upside? I now have satellite tv in my appartment. The downside? Comcast is being bitchy that they lost a partial customer, and is therefore making my internet connection a bitch and a half to handle. This is the first time in 2 weeks that I’ve been able to get past the damned log in screen for WordPress.

Anyways, things that have happened..

Not much, really.  I mean, just been working, trying to save money up for when my plant closes for a month and a half. Luckily, I got a call on Monday from my old job I had last winter (when I was working 2), saying that they would have room for me during the holiday season, and when can I work. Yay, for employment! And! I can still file for partial unemployment, since I’m being laid off from a 40+ hour a week job at a much higher rate of pay, and going to a just above minimum wage part time job. Whoo. I’ll have rent moneys!!!

Oh, and Friday is the 2nd birthday for http://www.blackswanhaven.org . No, it’s not when it was uploaded or became viewable to the public, but it’s when I bought the hosting and the domain name. So, you know I’m going out and buying a cupcake (or maybe a half cake) and putting 2 candles in it for the site. Whee!

The boyo and I are doing wonderfully. Been hanging out quite a bit, to the point where we’re going “Okay, I need a little Me Time.” That, and I’m getting behind on my housework. *looks at the pile of laundry waiting to be sorted* Yeah, I should get to that soon.

Another good thing is that my stepdad finally got the crap-top fixed. What does that mean, exactly? Well, okay, it’s not fully fixed, since the built in keyboard is shot, so I have to use my usb keyboard, but there is a functional OS on it (Cynsanity must have possessed my stepfather, since Puppy Linux is installed), and all the programs that it comes with. Which means I can find where I stashed my thumb drives with all the website information on it, and actually get down to updating the site. Yeah, I know, I have a high powered pc in my apartment that is fully capable of writing HTML and CSS. But here’s the thing you need to understand. My mother taught me everything I needed to know about website design and coding. She is not upstairs with my super pc. She is downstairs. So, since the crap-top is portable, I can be sitting on her couch, watching tv or eating dinner, and go “Mom, how do I make it do this?” and she’ll show me. Which is somewhat difficult to do over the phone, especially when you can’t think of the right words to describe what you want the damned thing to do.

So, since I’m going to have more time on my hands, hopefully there will be major updates (content wise, at least)  to the main site. I doubt I’m going to change the layout much, though I might tweak the settings a bit. I don’t know about you guys, but in Opera on my regular computer, a weird gray border is on the left and right sides outside of the content. It irks me. And no, I’m not going to use Firefox or the like. I’ll test the site in it (since that is apparently the default browser for Linux), but otherwise I can’t stand the fucking thing. Same goes for IE. And yeah, I have Google Chrome installed on this pc, but I never use it. It looks funny. Especially since I’ve been using Opera since version 1.something. And it’s now on 10.1. You get used to certain features, like the ease of blowing up a page. I’m getting older, and my eyes hate me, so most websites I have set to 120% or higher. Especially the ones geared towards the vampire community, since light sensitivity abounds, so they are normally dark backgrounds with somewhat dark or freakishly bright text. Gah.

My vampire is fairly fine. She’s had houseguest type people for the past couple of weeks, so she’s been keeping social, which is totally not her norm. But last week she was under the weather, and her allergies have attacked, thanks to said houseguests. Jadey is allergic to some of the chemical compounds/oils in coffee. And the residue sticks to coffee mugs, even after several washings. The houseguests have tainted EVERY SINGLE ONE of her coffee mugs with coffee crap. So she’s been slightly freaking out about it. Upside is that when I go to visit next time, I won’t have to worry over which mug is my coffee mug as much, since there will now be a much vaster seclection for me to choose from. Downside is that she’s going to have to buy some more mugs, and find a place to stash them so they won’t get tainted like the other ones. So, while she’s been popping her prescription thingies to clear herself up from the coffee attack, she’s been feeding like mad. I was wondering why all of a sudden I was in the McD’s drivethru a few days ago and ordering a big mac combo for dinner… And 4 McDoubles and a McChicken for later, and debating on ordering some chinese food to go with it. Should have known then, since the only time I crave McD’s is when I’m feeding people like mad when I’m at normal energy levels.  And unless I’m pregnant (which I’m not), no one in their right mind would think that General Tso’s Chicken, a Big Mac, and a large order of fries makes a good tasting meal. Oh, and a large Diet Coke. (The Monopoly game is going on.. Sheesh.. That’s an extra 2 tabbies!!)

Halloween was fairly uneventful. I went out with my sister and mom to take the little brother trick or treating. Two streets into it, I got too cold and walked my ass back home, prepared to take the car and pick them up when they were done. But, Mom, the genius that she is, had taken the car keys with her, so I went back to watching the NCIS marathon. I ❤ that show. Later, after we sorted through candy (I got a decent haul, just from those two streets), I went down to one of the bars to hang out and join the costume contest. Totally lost (to a slutty fairy), but saw some interesting costumes. One guy glued palm fronds to a hat, and would stick his arms out. He was a tree. A girl zombie was walking about with a spaghetti pot on her head, claiming she was a pothead zombie (hehe). She later put her pot on tree guy’s head, and he thus became a pot plant. A soldier (I believe he was Marines) had just returned from Iraq. While he was over there, though, he prepared for Halloween. He stole badges and patches off of Iraqi police uniforms, plus the beret, and when he got back, made himself an Iraqi police costume. It was very nice. He was cute, too 😛 What, just because I have my boyo doesn’t mean that I can’t appreciate handsome men when I see them. I just can’t touch. 😛

Anyways, that’s about it. 2 and half weeks (roughly) off my life, summed up into one normal sized blog post. What is this world coming to?

Hopefully, if we can bitchslap my ISP, I’ll be able to update again next week!