Happy Anniversary!

Yup, I’m late. For a female to forget an anniversary? Scandelous. But I have an excuse, I swear.

So. Donor, Not a Döner is now a big two years old. Be frightened, people. We’ve hit the terrible twos!!! And, in about 2 weeks, http://www.blackswanhaven.org will be two years old, as well. Time flies when you’re having fun, doesn’t it?

So, let me pause this for a second, pull up a second tab so I can share with you the stats so far for this lovely venture that I never remember to update (unless my vamp or someone pokes me repeatedly to do so).

Mkay, since I started this thing I’ve got 26 posts, 8 comments that I kept that weren’t spam, 1 page, 4 categories (rant, uncategorized, Weekday, and Weekend), and 11 tags.

We’ve had two main searches that ended with people coming here. People specifically looking for this place, and the one lone guy that stumbled across us while looking for the recipe for a Döner sandwich (which, I’m told, is veeeeeeeeeeeerry tasty!).

They keep adding new buttons to this thing. If you haven’t noticed, there’s now a twitter feed. Yes, it’s my personal one. I doubt we’re going to make one for the Haven (unless Passer or Winged wants to man the helm on that). You want a peek into a donor’s life? Take a look at my tweets. I’m reaaaaaaaally not that exciting. You know, going on about my boyfriend, yarn, etc. You know you want to.

Anyways, happy anniversary, you wonderful readers. All 2,995 of you (just by # of hits.. I’m not a stalker, you know).  Go have a cupcake, and decorate it to look like a vampire. Then nom it. Don’t forget the 2 candles!

One thought on “Happy Anniversary!

  1. Azrai says:

    I was actually browsing for donor infomation and found this website. It’s pretty neat, you should keep it up, and also BlackSwan. Good luck and happy late birthday.

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