But, Pixie….

“You said you were going to update more often… What’s up with that?”

Well, this is what is up. Pixie’s got a boyfriend! Pixie’s got a boyfriend!

“Yeah, so? You’ve had one since waaaaaaaaay before you started this thing.”

I know I did. But here’s the thing. He and I had a major falling out. And thinking back on somethings that happened in the course of our relationship, I am very happy that we are through. So, I was wandering around, and, when I didn’t think I wanted to have a boyfriend, the most wonderful man got dropped into my lap.

“Mkay… Why should we care?”

Well, you know my rule? “Feed the vamps. Don’t date the vamps.”?


He’s a vamp.


I know. But I’m not his donor. He came into our relationship with one in place already. And, my vamp and I haven’t been on the outs cause I luffs her to pieces. So the Vamp boy and I are totally copacetic. He noms his donor, my vamp noms me, and he and I go at it like bunnies. It’s a win-win situation, don’t you think?

“Eeeewwww… Totally TMI. Keep your sex life out of this thing..”

No. I don’t have to. That, and apparently there are people out there that think that we’re all celibate creatures, above having sexual urges or needs. Yeah. Right.

Anyways, so I’ve been having fun with my boyo. I mean, if you haven’t been reading my tweets, you don’t know about the super awesome scarf I’m knitting him. Yes, knit. I can’t stand how slow it is, but I want him to have a manly scarf, dammit. And I hate to admit it, but crochet isn’t that manly. I’ve updated my status on Ravelry about it, and the girls at Craftster are crossing their fingers that the “Boyfriend Sweater Curse” doesn’t include scarves. And you want to know when I met him? Shortly before my last post. No, not the anniversary post. The one before that. So, I’ve been in super lovey dovey mode for awhile, and everything has been getting ignored for him. Including the vamp forums I’m on. Even the VCMB, which you know I’m addicted to. Yeah.

“Sooo… Does this mean you’re getting over the lovey dovey phase and going to update more often.. LIKE YOU PROMISED???”

Well, yes and no. We’re still in the lovey dovey phase. Probably going to be like that for a good long while. But yes, I’ll be updating more often. I mean, this is a new venture for me. I haven’t dated a vamp in a long time, so far my vamp <3’s him (even though she hasn’t met him yet, since she’s in Texas, and, well, we aren’t), and I’m still all “OMG, he’s perfect!”. So, I figure that this would be a good thing for people to know about. People already know (via my previous posts) that not all vamp/donor relationships are romantic. Well, not all vamp romantic relationships involve feeding, either. Yes, my first instinct is “His energy is low. I should feed him.” but I don’t, because his donor takes very good care of him. I’ll still give him a bit of a top off, but I can’t fulfill all of his needs at the moment. Yes, my boyo is a hybrid. And I’ve never donated sang before. It is a very new thing for me, but for now, I’m happy.

Really and truly happy.

So, I’m going to end this for now. I’ll put a message for myself that I HAVE to update next Sunday, at the very least. I’m not going to be insane and try to post every day (like I did in the beginning of this whole bloggy thing), but I’ll try to at least update weekly.

Have fun, be safe, and all that jazz.

One thought on “But, Pixie….

  1. diss says:

    wheee! Pixie, that’s so awesome! i hope that your lovey-dovey phase lasts for a long long time 🙂

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