*shakes head*

I know. Yet again, I’ve been a bad bad Pixie. No posts in forever and a day. Let me catch you up on what has happened in the past while.

I am currently unemployed. Which bites major monkey butts.  I’ve been hitting the street for the past couple of days applying everywhere. I’ve got my fingers crossed, and I hope you do, too.

I’ve also started working out. I joined a gym a few weeks ago, on the SO’s advice, and have been doing uber crunches from hell like mad. My abs have been worked so hard, it can be difficult to cough without getting a twinge. It’s so cool! Hopefully, with the added health I’ll get from this, things will be better energy wise for my vamp. 🙂 That, and a slimmer waist line in the near future.

Over at the Haven and on the VCMB, we’ve started planning for the first official meetup of the Donor Squad. We’re planning to go to Otakon ’09, and share a room and party hardy! Join the forums for details. But currently, our room is just about full, so others who want to come should go and reserve a room for themselves.

I’m still crafting. I was recently in a Paganism Craft Swap and got some really cool things. My partner MADE me a Fae Tarot deck. *faints out of shock*

And I’ve started playing around in Second Life. There’s a vampire night club I hang out at, a community center, etc. I currently live in the Vampiric Library. Feel free to visit! If you know me through one of the forums, drop me a line, and I’ll give you my name in SL. And I promise, while the shopping is addictive, I will not become little miss Super Tramp. My brother (the vamp) would KILL ME! He’s already threatening to taze me if I act too silly, or get hot blooded over some guy. And no, the phrase “Don’t taze me, bro!” has not had an affect on him. And apparently, he’s going to ask for parental permission beforehand.

Anyways, that’s it for now. I’m going to go wander off and play more in SL. Y’all have fun!