Yeah, I know…

I suck. No posts in forever and a day. Bad Pixie. No cookie for you.

Well, this has been a somewhat crazy year so far. Shortly after my last post I found out I have full blown Periodontal disease, and have been having to go in to the dentist to get chewed out and tons of work done. Matter of fact, I have to go in again tomorrow for more work. Thank god for codiene and the like. It’s that bad.

My vamp was able to come out for a visit, though. 10 whole days of crazy fun times. First, we went to the St Pat’s day parade in town, and got to see my mom shoved back by Hillary’s secret service agents. 😛 Oh, and we were proper Irish gals and each had a half yard of beer. Not that green crap they were selling though, but an Irish Red.

And the shopping! Dear lord and lady, the amount of money that we spent is rediculous. But, I got her to actually play DDR, which was worth all the money we spent. And several pretzels. Mmmm…

Only downfall from the visit was the unexpected toll it took on me. We forgot that we normally did long distance feeds, and so she was either within touching distance or in the same building as me, and pulling as hard as she would have across country. I’m finally starting to get fully back to my old energy equillibrium. Thank goodness. But still, I wouldn’t have traded the visit for anything.

I’ve also been helping with my best friend’s wedding. He’s getting married this summer at an anime convention (the same place where he proposed), and I’m technically considered a bridesmaid, but I’m going to be standing with the groomsmen. And, of course, the wedding is matching the convention, so we’re all going to be asianed out. And I found the PERFECT crochet pattern. Just one problem, the largest size is about 5 inches too small. So I’m going to make a dress form, and start tweaking the pattern. It’s a crocheted version of a qipao or cheongsam. So pretty. I just need to see if I can talk my little sister into sewing me a shift to wear under it. It’s a shell pattern that’s going to be somewhat see through. I know the Otaku would LOVE to see a busty girl in a dress where there’s a chance to see bra or naughty bits, but I’m not going to give them that kind of satisfaction.

The Haven is doing well, and growing strong. I’m so happy at the success we’ve had so far. Wolf, Rev, Jamie, and everyone has been working so hard. Give them a round of applause.

I promise, I’ll be good and update this more. Maybe I’ll make Slinky hit me over the head on a regular basis to update this bad boy.