Day 9

One of my EXA’s got transferred today. Everyone at work is bummed. Sucks. Other than that, work was fairly uneventful.

Got home, went up into my pc room, and putzed around most of the night. My stomach isn’t liking me too well, atm, so I’m just trying to keep it easy. Flipped through the embroidery pattern book I got on Day 2. Very cool things, and I can think of some uses. Going to stitch up a design for a favor for my on again off again FWB. We’re both in the Ren Faire scene, and it’s only appropriate that I make him something. I wonder if whitework is considered period

Still trying to think of a name for the Donor site. We’re at a loss. We’ve got all these great ideas for what to put on it, but no clue as to what to name it. *sigh* If you have any ideas, please leave them as a comment below, kay?

Going to cut this short. I’m going to call my bro, and head to bed. See y’all on Sunday night.