Day 8

First off… Yay for you people reading this!! I know you’re all from the VCMB, and I love y’all!

Second: Yeah.. I know, I know. Where the hell did days 6&7 go off to? I don’t know. Well, I sorta don’t know. Tuesday I wasn’t feeling my best, so I went to bed before I could get online. Yesterday I was lured out of the house by yarn… And as soon as I got home, I rolled around in a big pile of it like a cat, then went to bed. The only interesting thing that happened was a Stitch n Bitch session that I attended with my mom.

Third: The other thing keeping me from this? Our surprise project that we’re going to reveal in the next few weeks. Who’s this we? The active donor’s on the VCMB. What’s this super uber cool surprise?

Wait for it…

Wait for it…

An all donors, all the time website! Think, minus the fangs. 😀 We’re so excited about it. We’re in the process of getting a domain name and everything set up, and I’ve already started typing up the html and css. We found a lovely free design, thanks to We’re currently on the hunt for the perfect picture of a black swan. If you’ve got one that is rights free or public domain, share it with me! We, the donors, will be putting it all to a vote in the near future.

The site isn’t just about a cool picture. We’re hoping to have articles about and by donors, FAQ, a shoutbox or chat, and maybe, to turn the tables, a vamire listing for the donors that are looking for a vamp, but just can’t seem to find one. *g* I mean, everyone’s always like “Where’s the donor listing/ads?” on the VCMB, why not “Where’s the vamp ads?” Everything is still in the works, but we’ve got high expectations. I expect everyone to go take a peek at it once we get it up and running.

Just one rule: Vamps are NOT allowed to take over. We don’t take over your sites and message boards, no reason for you to take over ours. We’re trying to get the donor community active and vibrant, and get our voices heard. Maybe get it so that there’s less tension and confusion between vamps and donors.

But yeah, I’m excited about it. I get to brush off my CSS skills, and write some articles that arent’ about a video game. I should still be able to keep this up and running. I don’t see why I couldn’t. I might have a few more instances where a day or two goes *poof*, but I think we can deal with it. Right, class?

Update on my vamp: She’s doing much better. They got her totally hooked up on everything she needs, and goes in for a check in tomorrow, to make sure everything is copacetic.

I’m yawning too much, so I’m going to call it a night. See y’all on the flipside and keep your eyes here for updates on the donor website! Love y’all!