Day 2

Today was rather uneventful. Got up, talked with my mom for a bit, got my paycheck and started a new bank account that gave me a free food processor *happydance*.  Bought a couple of books, a bite to eat, then went home. We snatched my sister, and went serious shopping. Myself to Half Price bookstore, Petsmart, and Joanns. Mom to Halfprice, Michael’s, and Joanns. Sister to Plato’s Closet and Joann’s. I got a crochet pattern book, an embroidery motif idea book with designs from the Civil War era (insert Oooohs and Aaaahs here), and a dvd set to learn ASL from the book store, a filter set for my betta, Meester Feeshie Jr, aka Shawn, at the pet store, and $40 worth of yarn, fabric, and a pattern that was on sale. I’m an addict.

What? You thought that I was a total Renfield? Ate bugs, and couldn’t bear to be separated from my vampiric master for more than the time it takes to go get a drink and cookie at Starshmucks? *rofl* Dear lord. For one thing, while I love my vamp, I don’t love her love her. Last I checked, she was female. And I am female. And neither of us are lesbian or bisexual. Oh and did I mention we’re in totally different timezones? I’m in PA and she’s in TX. I mean, we could be further apart, but what’d be the point? We’re already pretty damned separated. So that myth is out of the bag. At least, concerning me.

Renfields and puppies are out there, those who’s every breath depends on a vamp telling them they approve, etc etc. It’s like members of a celeb’s entourage. Pathetic, honestly. I try to distance myself from that type of person, but at the same time, I have this strong urge to slap them, and shake them until they get some sense back in their heads.

It’s people like that that give we donor’s a bad name. It also doesn’t help with the vamp/donor trust issue. Vamps are, by nature, suspicious of donors to begin with, and with good reason. I mean, a person hops up in front of you and goes “Here, have some of my blood and/or energy.” Wouldn’t you be a bit weirded out? I know I would, if I were in that kind of situation. Luckily for me, I’m the nutjob hopping up infront of the vamps. I have gotten used to the weird looks. I haven’t donated blood yet, but I’m sure that will happen eventually. I mean, I got my flu and pneumococcal vaccines without crying. Pricking my finger a few times shouldn’t be too much worse, right?

Anyways, I was shopping. Spent WAY too much. I should still have enough for my bills and groceries.*crosses fingers* I got the yarn for my vamp’s present, for my pixie-sis’s boyfriend’s present, and maybe the yarn for a present for my vamp brother’s wife’s present. I also got some sculpey. Jamie showed us her tattoo, and I’m going to try to make black swan beads (couldn’t find any to buy) for all of us in the donor’s club at the VCMB.