Day 1

It’s about 11h30pm, and only a few hours since I started this thing. I told the girls, and they’re excited. Wolfy called me her hero *blushes* It’s just a blog. Jamie freaking got a black swan tattoo! I don’t know if I could go and do that, you know?

For those of you who don’t know what I’m talking about, let me explain. First off, I’m a member of a vampire based message board, the VCMB (Vampire Community message board). Everyone there (save the trolls) are total sweethearts, and I love them to pieces and back to whole again. There’s a huge portion where everyone can talk about different subjects in the vamp community.. Divisions for the sangs, psis, hybrids, donors… You name it, there’s a section for it. Inside the donor area, there’s our sanctuary. The vamps have their sanctuaries, too.. but I like mine best. Not all of us talk.. Mostly it’s just Wolfy, Jamie, and myself talking… We like the sound of our voices.

The other thing.. Black Swan. It’s a somewhat highly debated vamp community term for a donor. There’s different classifications within the swans.. Depending on what kind of donor you are, and if you’ve actually found a vamp to donate to or not. But the general color is black.

One of the girls in our group drew this great doodle of a black swan… Very abstract/deco, but you can totally recognize it. So cute. Well, Jamie loved it so much, she said she’d get a tattoo of it, once Rev finished it. After many delays, and the tat artist flaking on her… She got it done today! She hasn’t figured out how to upload a picture yet, but we’ve all been yelling at her to show us pictures as soon as freaking possible! We’re that excited.

I think I’m going to go to the bead shop by my sister’s job tomorrow. See if they have any swan beads. I just finished lining the purse I crocheted this evening, and I think that having ties that have black swans on them will be my little subtle nod to my other life. I still want the black swans rock thong, though 😛

In other news. My vamp is sick. And it’s not something that feeding her more will fix. She has an immune system disorder. It’s not HIV. It’s more like she’s allergic to her own antibodies. She got an ear infection, and the next day (yesterday) they rushed her to the ER because she was covered in hives. If she gets sick, her body thinks the antibodies are the bad guys, so they release oodles of histimine into her…

It’s just got me worried, you know? I can’t control it. But I can make her laugh. She’s part of the reason I named this blog as I did.. that and the running joke on the VCMB that while Donors are food.. we’re Not nummy sandwiches!

Okay. So I think that’s it for today. Tell me what you think of it. A post or two a day is prolly all I can squeeze in until I finish getting the internet and stuff setup in my new apartment. We’ll see how much I add in when I’m logged in at all times.

Love y’all, and make someone you know double blink at least once tomorrow!

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